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What We Hide Inside

Updated: May 3, 2020

Here is a photoshoot I did a few years ago , what I wanted to depict in these pictures was a sense of, wanting people who find themselves trapped inside of their minds, like myself, we dont talk about our feelings , what were going through , any problems we have , we hide it inside and on the outside we show a happy maybe false smile as if it’s all ok , which is fine if that’s how you deal with it . I myself am like that hence why I did the shoot , plus I wanted to give the usual Zombie look a bit of a twist,.So what you see here are zombies all dressed up looking smart , hair done nice , and good poses, but with zombie faces , .The look was , the zombie face is what we hide and the smart clothes is what we show .I did the photography, and hair , and had a make up artist come in to do the faces .

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