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The Start of a Dream

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Lockdown stories.

Chapter 1

It was a Saurday morning...

March 14th 2020 , I woke up not feeling well at all , I had a sore throat , slight cough and the startings of a blocked nose , at the time, the Coronavirus had hit us but it was in the early stages people were stll going into work and my salon that I worked in was still open.

The symptoms of the virus at the time was a dry cough, high fever, shakes, and headaches, thankfully all I had was just a cold. I called in sick that day not knowing that, that day my room was not ony going to be my home for the next 10 weeks or so but the home and launch pad of my YouTube channel, Website build and manage, and my creative hub for all my videos.

If you have not yet read My Creative Journey blog please do so as this will give you an insight into how I became to be sketch atist, because as up untill that date I had no active YouTube channel, no as such presence on facebook an had no website. The sketches I was creating and my Zentangle videos were just for my Instagram account and my IGTV channel on Instagram.

I did already have a YouTube account, two I had one was for myself and my music playlists and the other was just lying dormant, as I did one day want to have a YouTube channel so I had already set up a name, but no logo, no branding and no channel art. Just a few timelapse videos,that I had done in the past. I had always wanted to have a channel but had no idea on how to go about in setting one up.

Feeling under the weather, I think at the time I was in the middle of drawing or had just started to draw my apple sketch with the water droplets, it was a reguar timelapse video using my phone , and editing using premiere pro but on a very small laptop .

As that week went on I stayed at home ill , just concentrating on getting better and going back to work. The following week I spent drawing here and there and making notes on any future video ideas I might want to do when I eventually start my channel. On saturday 28th March I got the call that I was not expecting, the call that closed the doors to the outside world , but also the doors that opened them.

My manager had called me to say that all the Hob salons were closing down due to the Coronvirus becoming quite wide spread and it was becomming very dangerous environment to work especially in our line of work, and that they we're closing all their salons and not going to open until it was safe to do so.

After that that day the whole world came to stand still all shops closed , you werent allowed to go outside unless for essential shopping needs , only essential shops were to remain open you were to keep to a 2 meter distance between people, and you were'nt allowed contact with any other members of your family or friends . At the start, it was pandemonium, for some reason and still to this day I will wonder why people were rushing out to buy loo roll and pasta , there was a shortage of loo rolls and patsa up and down the country and across the world !! It was chaos ! I was somewhat glad to have not been caught up in any of that I just stayed in my room , keeping an eye on the news and updates on the virus.

I did'nt let all the media get to me, my plan was to start my channel and make a go of it, learn everything about YouTube the whole ins and outs of it. I wanted to create a channel for everyone to enjoy , and learn from, while also maintaining and keeping to a positve attitude.

I was seeing it as there was going to be alot people at home getting bored and wondering what to do , all the schools were now closed so parents were going to want to do things with the kids at home.

I had at first uploaded my Zentangle video to my facebook feed, it was one of the videos I did for my Instagram , I had a good response from that video , even to a point kids across the world were trying them out. These patterns were drawn in a square with a repeated pattern and design drawn inside the square. Very good to help you relax and very calming. I then thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to draw a 3d hand, it as a simple quick video with some narration over the top, demonstrating on how to draw a hand and make it look 3d, it was from there I started to think up different video ideas and playlists for my channel .

If I was to do this I had to do it by going all in, learn everything there is to know about YouTube. From creating thumbnails, learning about keywords , the videos to make , analytics, keywords , ranking your videos everything about it. First thing to do was look up how to start a YouTube channel. Once I had watched a few videos I took it from there, starting with the basics of learning about setting up your channel, how to make it look professional by adding all your social meda links an about page , creating a logo, artwork banners , creating a YouTube trailer on what your channel is about , what you represent and how your going to be helping your target audience.

All of which I had to sit and think what I was ging to be doing on my channel, I had the skills of drawing and I had my Zentangle videos for the positive and art therapy side to it. What I was lacking was the motivation . I turned to two men to listen too, and to help me get motivated everyday I wanted my dream to be lived, Eric Thomas and Les Brown these two men I listened to their podcasts everyday and still do!. I watched their videos on YouTube and they helped me by, motivating me to follow my dreams, don't give up even when life gets tough , and trust me it did!, they helped me a great deal, when I was at my darkest time in my life.

Even thou I was drawing and learning to develop my skills last year and working full time as a hairdresser and thinking up how my art was going to progress deep inside I was hurting. I showed everyone that I was this happy go lucky person but deep inside ever since I left my partner and came to London things we're really getting me down. I spent 3 years in an out of relationships, people I had bonded with , fell in love and made future plans with. Things just went from bad to worse I had enough it and my life. I blamed myself for everything and wondered why it was me always me, that these things always happened too. Everyone I suppose goes through ths at some point in their lives. I became a person I thought I would never see. I hurt myself many a times at night , not wanting to be here. I Just had, had enough.

I had to be here,.... especially for my daughters sake I just kept on thinking of her, and it was her that pulled me thorough this, and talking, eventually to close friends, plus I was starting to get somewhere with my art and my Zentangle patterns, from which I also found very relaxing and they helped me to concentrate more and get me through thi difficult time.

I started to listen and watch various motivational videos I found on YouTube, at the time I had no idea who I was listening too, I just thought they were just various people mixed into motivational videos, from which there were but a few, who caught my attention. One voice in particular that caught my attention, was a guys voice, his emphasis on words like.. " Passion " and " Desire " was amazing his energy was uplifting, and really drew me in. What he was saying was making sense, this guy was Eric Thomas, The Hip HOP Preacher!, ha yes indeed that is him. An absolute must for life motivation speeches , guidance in life and a proper kick in the ass that you might need. The second voice, and still to this day I listen too, is from a guy who spoke of having greatness in you and that we all have it in us, we just got to be HUNGRY !!. This man is Les Brown. An amazing guy with an amazing story on his life, where he came from, and how he became to be a motivational speaker. His story telling and life experiences will somehow relate to certain situations you may have experienced in your own life. His way of motivating you is truly remarkable.

Life was great the rest of the year I had turned it all around, work was great, and my drawings were improving a great deal and my Zentangle patterns were coming along too.

Things were on the up, Christmas came and went... and then... 2020 hit us ...... and boy did it hit us with a bang!! .

Chapter 2 .... coming soon .......

Thank you for reading please feel free to leave a comment, would love to hear from you all.

Thank you


Check out my latest timelapse video on drawing Les Brown my motivation through this .

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