• Romeo

The Start of a Dream

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Lockdown stories.

Chapter 1

It was a Saurday morning...

March 14th 2020 , I woke up not feeling well at all , I had a sore throat , slight cough and the startings of a blocked nose , at the time, the Coronavirus had hit us but it was in the early stages people were stll going into work and my salon that I worked in was still open.

The symptoms of the virus at the time was a dry cough, high fever, shakes, and headaches, thankfully all I had was just a cold. I called in sick that day not knowing that, that day my room was not ony going to be my home for the next 10 weeks or so but the home and launch pad of my YouTube channel, Website build and manage, and my creative hub for all my videos.

If you have not yet read My Creative Journey blog please do so as this will give you an insight into how I became to be sketch atist, because as up untill that date I had no active YouTube channel, no as such presence on facebook an had no website. The sketches I was creating and my Zentangle videos were just for my Instagram account and my IGTV channel on Instagram.