• Romeo

My Photography

I took up photography about 10 , 11 years ago , first off buying a Sony DSLR , fairly cheap one as I was just seeing if it would be something that would interest me. And it sure did not only the photography side but the creative side of using Photoshop that really gripped me .

Mind you it was Photoshop that actually got me into photography in the first place , my brother had shown me an image he had manipulated , turning himself invisible , I was amazed at this so thought I gotta give this a try , so I started to read Photoshop Creative magazine and read quite a few tutorials online , ( at the time there werent so many You Tube videos on Photoshop ) .

So I started to learn all the necessary tools in Photoshop , . Now Photoshop is a very big programme with lots and lots of different features that allow you to do practically anything to a photo , which is very confusing and frustrating to anyone starting off in it .

What I do recommend thou, if you are starting off in using Photoshop is that you learn a particular field in it , like cutting out a person or object and placing them in a new environment and blending them into it once you’ve mastered that , then move onto something else like vectoring an image , perfect that and move on , . This way you will establish good idea on one particular subject and not get get confused or frustrated with everything else on there .

So from getting to grips with that , I started to download images from google to use in my pieces , what I also read was that it’s better to use your own photographs, hence why I then started to learn photography,. From there I was shooting stock photos for me to use , and from there my passion for photography began, learning all the functions on the camera , what they did , and how they affected the overall look of a photo.

Learning to speed the shutter up slow it down , using filters , different lenses , becoming very creative in using my camera ,. Photographing all sorts of subjects , in different ways , from painting with lights , manipulating photos, creating scenes , smoke photography, water balloon shots, action shots , and also photographing new born babies and pregnant women , designing logos, album covers etc .

Here is just a few of the photos I have taken in the past , eventually I will upload more of them with the techniques I used , if I can still remember them so stay tuned ….

This is one of my manipulated pieces a chopped and floating banana.

Is it an apple or tennis ball ? .