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My Creative Journey

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hello and welcome to my journey of being creative . I have been pretty much creative all of my life from cartoon drawings as a child , to becoming a full time hairdresser for the last 25 years , creating hairstyles for men , women , wedding day hair ups , prom hair , photo shoots, etc , all of which I still enjoy doing , .

Inbetween from child to now I have learnt many more creative aspects , all of which I self taught myself , I never went to art college/ Uni, evening classes etc , which I find for myself a big achievement ! .

So where do I start ?

Ok let’s start from as a child , I would draw comic book characters, from Judge Dredd and anything related to that style of drawing , aswell as Marvel, and Dc comic book characters, so very much of that was cartoon based, solid colours with minimal shading , nothing really life like . I carried on with this up to when I started in hairdressing , drawing cartoon characters and painting them with Acrylic Paints , but that stopped when I got more involved in my hairdressing career learning all the basics of hairdressing and starting to develop my own skills in that .

The more I got into the styling of hair the more passionate I became with it , but what I really enjoyed was creating unusual looks the more Avant Garde side to hair, The weird big styles making , props and using different materials to create hair looks that would make you look at twice and think ..what the fuck is that!! What!??.. how ?? That sort of feeling I love seeing in people’s faces .

From that I got inspired into photography, where I learnt all about , studio photography, landscape, portrait, and creative photography , honing in on all what you could do with a camera , moving on to using photoshop , where I learnt how to manipulate photos, touch up portraits , add or remove subjects, design logos, and become a Digitial Artist .

This was where it was for me I was doing my hairdressing job and mixing it with photography, my creativness for photoshop lead me to creating images , of turning women into cyborgs, having floating images in scenes, invisible people, illustration, creating horror looks , futuristic looks etc all of which I did for the last 15 years .

My photography and photoshop skills lead me to be featured in Photoshop Creative magazine for one of my collections , . I also started to do new born baby photo shoots , wedding , business , and macro photography all of which I still do today but not as much .

During this time I branched out and started to learn Origami yes that’s right the art of paper folding using just the one piece of paper , from that I started to create big pieces for weddings, birthdays etc , now you maybe thinking why would anyone want that , well my models were made from between 500 to 1000 pieces of small folded pieces of paper into triangles then slotted into each other to make either a Swan , Owl , Dragon, etc , I made many more paper models for all sorts of events, I even held classes for women’s groups on teaching them the art of paper folding .

During that time I was living in Bedfordshire a lot further from my hometown of London , I spent 13 years living there till I split up with my partner and moved back to London, things went good for me , but I wasn’t in the creative mind , I stopped photography, and origami and didn’t do anything creative , apart from my regular job as a hairdresser, .

Feeling down with the salon I was in I went back to the salon I was working in before I left London, back to Hob Salons in Baker St , which was great for me to get into , the creativness of the people I worked with influenced me again, I went back on the computer and started to create images for a T-shirt Company I started up , it was a film based T shirt store online only where I was designing my own look and brand, it went ok not great but was good to get back into using photoshop again I carried this on for while but not very long .

By the end of 2018 I had a steady job at HoBs and my own online store which was great , and then at the beginning of 2019 I thought I would get back into my photography again and do more of that , but that changed when I thought I would put up photos I had taken and display them in my room , also I had thought I would draw a few things to also put up ,. Now I had not drawn in 15 years so was strange to get back into it .

What happened then I was not expecting , I watched a few tutorials on how to draw hair etc from photo to paper as realistic as possible, the work that came out was actually really good , I had no idea I could draw more lifelike sketches , so I learnt more from YouTube, and now I’m drawing more hair pictures, different styles , etc and also attempted to draw celebs, which came out very well only thing I don’t draw the eyes in , only for that fact I can’t draw them , but I am learning , .

The images I have drawn have gained some interest and now people know my work as the guy who draws with out the eyes, I have based my sketches on the facts you don’t need the eyes to show who the person is and to demonstrate the beauty of everything else is , hair , brows etc , your mind just looks at the hair and other features and sees the beauty in the main features and not everything as a whole .

So now I have been sketching to this style now about 3 weeks from when I wrote this blog , I’m hoping that by the end of the year I will be able to draw more realistically on all features to a hyperealism basis, but for now I’m happy in sketching to the style I have developed.

Thank you for reading

To see more of my work follow me on Instagram.

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