• Romeo

Mental Health-Mood Tracker Diary

Hello There my name is Romeo and I am a Sketch and a Motivational Artist, I upload How to Draw videos and Art Therapy videos to my YouTube Channel.

I have recently begun a self publishing journey of creating my own books for Amazon KDP Publishing. So far up till now I have 10 published books, ranging from kids colouring books adult colouring books , notebooks and journals, sketch book, How to Draw a Mandala book and my Its Not Just Motivational On Mondays self help mood tracker diary.

My Mood Tracker diary is a very special book that I have created to me for you, especially for people who are suffering from mental health.

This book is great to help you, in to focus on yourself, and slowly progress forwards and hopefully give you a peace of mind and a better life. You will focus on by writing everyday your feelings, goals , achievements, have you slept well, and many other prompts for you to answer daily. In doing this and having a record of your thoughts you can go back to see how you were and make a change to your life for the better.

I have also placed throughout the book breathing exercises for you to focus and to concentrate on, These exercises help you to be relaxed , be calm , and bring you back down to earth when all is going a bit hectic. There are also positive words involved with this breathing exercise that you recite back to yourself while you do this.

Not only do you have this to help you but I have also placed my very own Art Therapy sessions for you to create yourself. These are in the forms of Zentangle Patterns. These are patterns that anyone can do , you don't need to be an expert in drawing to create these amazing patterns. If you can draw a straight line, a circle, square, write the alphabet then you can create these patterns. They help in being calm, relaxing, good for hand eye coordination, help you in your mistakes and many more benefits. You draw these patterns within a 3.5 inch square which is already made for you in the book plus examples for you to copy.

How they help in relaxing and your mistakes is by you draw repeated patterns which help stimulate the brain and the repetitive motion helps soothe and relax the mind. You draw the patterns in pen no pencils so you cant erase out your mistakes, as there are no erasers in life, you draw these in pen , and if y