• Romeo

Hackney Graffiti #hackney #graffiti

Graffitti is everywhere you look , either looking out of a trains window , or walking the streets of London, either your going to love it , or hate it either way its here to stay and will continue to grow .

I myself love seeing it , the different styles people create , whether it’s a slogan , motif , stencil , . In general artists are becoming more and more creative with their work , and councils are becoming more lienient towards it going up on their walls , for instance in Walthamstow they have commissioned artists to go around the streets and paint on walls or spray can art them , creating an Art Trail very cool indeed .

One particular area that has some amazing graffiti is Hackney !, soon as you step out of the station and go for a wander your embrasssed by buildings and walls covered , making it look very urban , .

These artists have put in valuable time and creative energy into their pieces, the different styles and looks you see are amazing, and if your a budding artist , you can really get your creative juices flowing when you see all the work .

So if you got nothing to do and fancy viewing some urban street art then check out Hackney or Walthamstow .