• Romeo

6 months into my creative journey.

So it’s been 6 months since I started my drawing journey , learning and challenging myself along the way and have progressed immensely.

At the beginning of the year I set out to decorate my room by hanging up my photos I had taken over the years, wanting to create an art wall , so I then thought why dont I put up some of my drawings I used to do and did a drawing of a samurai , now I had not drawn in 13 years , learning photography in that time aswell as becoming a digital artist , well the image didnt come out as well , so disappointed with it , I had thought cant believe my drawing looks like a child had drawn it , see image below ..

So set out to draw something a bit more adult looking so I found a skull pic with a beard and hair and thought great this should look good , see image below ..

This is the last image I drew before I learnt how to sketch . I was kind of happy with this but I wanted the hair to look more realistic , so the next day I watched a few you tube videos , brought a pencil only and drew this …

This is my first ever sketch , using only the one pencil , I was so chuffed with this , that’s when I thought I’m gonna do more hair sketches and start to develop my skills again in drawing . So I set out to challenge myself in all different looks in images and using different skills , I went out and brought all the necessary materials , most of which I dont use now, and embarked on my drawing mission,. From that sketch I then created this one ..