I have now created my own collection of books from colouring books  , notebooks , journals , how to books and many more,  for adults and children. Pick them up from my Amazon Store.

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The perfect companion for when wanting to draw mandalas . In this book are helpful tips, templates and a reference sheet to inspire you. Follow along to my YouTube Mandala drawing tutorials with this book.

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A  daily diary to keep track of your moods and how you are feeling. Stay focused with the  breathing exercises allocated throughout the book. Also a look into Zentangle patterns what are they and how they benefit you plus draw your own Zentangle patterns with examples to help you. In drawing these patterns help you to focus, relax , be calm,  anyone can draw them , and have many more benefits. 

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My blank sketch book is ideal for you to draw , doodle and create with. Lovely blank pages for you to be expressive with, inside a gorgeous cover design. Follow along to any of my tutorials from my YouTube channel. 

A beautiful collection of Mandala style patterns and positive quotes. Great to help you focus and to colour. 30 patterns and 30 quotes to inspire you.

A fab gift for Easter and basket fillers for your kids. A fun collection of Easter themed images, letters and numbers. Learning and colouring using dot marker pens.

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Dot Marker colouring book for boys and girls , also activity book learn the alphabet and to count. Perfect gift for the little ones .


Over 100 lined blank pages , for your ideas, goals achievements or gratitude's. Perfect gift for the Unicorn or Llama fans .

pasword notebook 2.png

The Perfect notebook to write down all your passwords in alphabetical order. Beautiful design in liquid gold agate pattern.

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