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Romeo is also a  qualified life coach , being able to now  help you to full fill your deepest dreams. Through art therapy ,  you don't need to be an artist or good at art to take part. This is to help you communicate in an abstract way through either colouring, writing, journaling, and even drawing. Through Mandala art exercises I will help you to focus, remove past trauma, find a hidden skill, help you develop your skill, find a passion, help through mental health, help in anxiety and self development. Using different exercises like .. Colour Your Day, The Perfect Square, Affirmations, Manifestations , Mood or Dream Boards these help the process of moving forwards and living a more positive life.

I can also help in your Hair Salon needs , I have 30 years experience in the salon industry . I can come in and help you to gain more clients, staff motivation, see and help you where you may not notice the bad and help you move your salon forwards with creative ideas, suggestions and team motivation.

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Either through Zoom or meeting in person for adults or teens looking to develop their ambitions and progress into a life they want.

You can contact me via email .. to book an appointment.

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£45 an Hour 1 on 1 Session ( Zoom or In Person )

£55 an Hour Group Sessions or an entry fee if in a location. ( Zoom or In Person )

£300 A Day Session ( In Person Only )