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So About Me....


 Hello and Welcome to Romeo Sketches.


 My name is Romeo and I'm a Sketch Artist in London.


I have been drawing since Jan 2019 .

I am self taught , watching  just a few YouTube videos to hone in and develop my skills.  As a child I drew comic book and cartoon characters, nothing to the extent as what I am drawing today.

I am fascinated with all different levels of creativity and artistic abilities, from movies to music , architecture,  magazines, and other artists for inspiration.

I enjoy being creative and expressive in my sketches and the challenges that I face when creating my drawings. Drawing all the details , the hair, skin textures , fur , etc , all to make the image as real as possible, is very challenging but so worth it with the end result you get.

I love to draw animals and people, the expressions you have in each picture can tell amazing stories and to capture them in detail and in pencil brings you much closer to your subject . Its like  preserving, the persons soul and identity for ever in that moment in time.

I like to stay positve and motivated in my work and life so am constantly watching and listening to motivational videos , and on a weekly basis  I upload art therapy Zentangle videos for everyone to enjoy and create onto my YouTube channel.

I also enjoy helping people out with their own art and creations and helping people to be motivated and pursue a dream career they have always wanted.

Thank You for stopping by, here on my site you will find prints you can purchase , videos of my drawings that I have completed, blogs about myself and my journey, A gallery of my past works some are for sale, and free PDF downloads of my Zentangle patterns.

Thank You.



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You can contact me by Email.

Would love to hear your feedback on my site, YouTube videos, or if you would like me to commission a Pet portrait for you, or if you have any enquiries or questions regarding my prints, or  artworks.

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